Researches on Watershed Issues


2014 Community Profiling and Knowledge, Attitudes, Perceptions and Skills Study for Forest Reforestation Efforts in the Panigan-Tamugan Watersheds

A qualititative study to assess the receptiveness of   barangays Gumalang, Tambobong, Tamugan, Tawantawan and Wines to rainforestation initiatives along selected riverbanks in  the Panigan-Tamugan Watershed. These barangays have recently been delineated by the Davao City Watershed Management Council as part of the protected areas covered under the Watershed Code.  Also includes a review of secondary data culled from official barangay records.

2013 Resource  and Socio-Economic Assessment of the Talomo-Lipadas and Panigan-Tamugan  Watersheds

A USAID-FPE funded study which details the ecological and socio-economic resources of the Talomo-Lipadas and Panigan-Tamugan Watersheds, which are the current and future sources of Davao’s drinking water.  The study highlights endemic flora and fauna found only in the area. Also includes a listing of monocrop plantations operating in the area at the time of the study.

2013 Underwater Survey of Marine Resources in Binugao, Toril, Davao City

Binugao is the site of the Aboitiz-owned coal-fired power plant. This baseline marine survey was undertaken to assess the diversity of marine flora and fauna along the coast of Binugao. The study found out the the coral reef systems in the area face considerable risk from the power plant and recommended that strong local legislation be made and enforced to protect the remaining coral life.

2013 Survey on the Level of Pesticides in Air and Water in selected Watersheds in Davao City

Using an air drift catcher developed by the Pesticide Action Network Asia and in the Pacific (PAN-AP), the study uncovered traces of banned pesticides in selected areas in the Panigan-Tamugan and Talomo-Lipadas Watershed areas.


 Assessing the Environmental Impact Assessment System: A Legal Review of the Philippine EIA System

IDIS commissioned the Sentro ng Alternatibong Lingap Panligan (SALIGAN) to conduct an assessment of the EIA system in 2012. This report highlights the inconsistencies between the intent of the law and its implementation by environmental government agencies. Also includes caselets on previous Supreme  Court decisions on the EIS system.

2005-2011   Water Monitoring Data for Panigan River, Barangay Tawan-tawan, Baguio District

Collated monitoring data provided by the Bantayo Aweg, a community volunteer group from Tawan-tawan. Parameters measured include Dissolved Oxygen, Nitrate Concentration and Stream Flow.

 2011 Legal Research on the Liability of Banana Plantations and Government Officials on the Non-Compliance and Non-enforcement of Buffer Zones in Plantations

A commissioned legal research from the Initiatives for Public Legal Education and Advocacy which highlights the civil liabilities  that can be charged to banana plantation owners and government officials  for non-compliance and non-enforcement of the buffer zone requirement in plantations.

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