Researches on the Aerial Spraying Issue

Financial Assessment of Shifting from Aerial to Ground Spray in Banana Plantations in Davao Region  Briefer  Study

This study tested the assertion of banana companies that a shift to ground spraying will have a fatal effect on the banana industry’s financial performance.  Relying on a rapid assessment of available secondary data, the study found out that small farmers will gain more from the shift while banana companies will have reduced profit margins but still remain viable as an industry.


Health and Environmental Assessment of Sitio Camocaan, Hagonoy, Davao del Sur

Prompted by the sudden outbreak of skin diseases  among the communities living near banana plantations, this study attempts to determine the role of pesticide exposure as a factor in the illnesses among Camocaan residents. This is a cross-sectional study which was conducted by scientists from the Philippine Society of Clinical and Occupational Study and the University of the Philippines National Poison Management and Control Center.


Health and Environmental Conditions of People Living in 3 Communities of Davao City where Aerial Spraying of Pesticides is a Common Practice

This study focuses on the communities in Barangays Sirib, Dacudao in Calinan District and Barangay Mandug in Buhangin District. Conducted by a community health non-government organization, the study identified common symptoms and complaints which may be attributed to pesticide exposure. It also details the coping behavior of the residents towards the aerial spraying incidences in their communities.



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