How You Can Help

There are many ways that you can contribute towards the protection and sustainable management of Davao’s watersheds:

1. SHARE your resources

You may deposit your donations to:
Bank: BPI
Account Name: Interface Development Interventions Inc.
Account No: 9441-0111-5

2. VOLUNTEER your skills and services

IDIS relies on its network of volunteers and partners from other CSOs and government agencies to address all the threats and issues concerning our watersheds.

We welcome volunteers who will partner with us towards a greener Davao City, advocating for sustainable resource management and practices from ridge to reef.

3. SUPPPORT our local green practitioners

Every year, we recognize individuals and groups who have taken the initiative to implement projects and practices that are environment-friendly from producing organic vegetables to handicrafts made from recycled materials.

Check out their profiles here and contact us if you want to support by purchasing their products!

Thank you!

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