Info Collateral on the Ban Aerial Spray Campaign

Assorted information collateral on the Ban Aerial Spraying Campaign


20 Reasons to say NO to Aerial Spraying   PDF format

Aerial Spraying 101.  Powerpoint

Ang Pakigbisog sa Aerial Spraying  Powerpoint

Rain of Death  PDF format 

4 Reasons why the Ban AS Ordinance is Constitutional and Valid   PDF format 

Who are for or against the Ban  PDF format 

DOH Study Lies vs Facts  PDF format 

National Ban AS Bills Comparison PDF format 

Davao City Ban AS Campaign Chronology  PDF format 

Ban AS Campaign and Monocultures 1   Powerpoint

Ban AS Campaign and Monocultures 2  Powerpoint

Ban AS Campaign: International Perspective  Powerpoint

Monoculture and Aerial Spraying  Powerpoint

Stop the Toxic Shower!  Powerpoint

Pesticide Poisoning Data in the Philippines  PDF format 



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