City government to compensate volunteer forest guards

July 2nd, 2017 by

Mayor Sara Duterte vowed to provide financial compensation for the forest guard volunteers who have been in the frontlines of protecting Davao city’s watersheds.

“Thank you to the Watershed Management Council for their policy work but thank you very much to those people working on the ground, our bantay bukids (forest guards) and bantayo aweg (water watcher),” said Mayor Sara in a statement sent to City Administrator Atty. Zuleika Lopez during the 5th Watershed Summit held on June 29 at the Ritz Hotel.

Mayor Sara arrived soon after to personally thank the volunteers who help the City Government in the “important work of protecting the watersheds.”

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Water unites Davao City’s opposing sectors

June 28th, 2017 by

It’s rare to see environmental groups working with private, for-profit sectors especially on the issue of sustainable management of natural resources.

But for water, especially in a city which houses eight watersheds and prides itself to have one of the world’s highest quality potable water, all sectors have a stake and therefore invited to the annual Davao City watershed summit.

Now on its fifth year, the watershed summit aims to provide a venue for stakeholders from ridge to reef to talk things over and come up with solutions to prevailing issues on water, something of common value that unites citizens from the uplands to the urban centers.

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LUNHAW AWARDS expands to youth and government sectors

June 5th, 2017 by

Davao City’s annual awards for environmental initiatives brings the spotlight to the youth and the government sector this year, recognizing their critical role in the long-term success of environmental efforts in the city.

Lunhaw Awards, now on its 6th year, has added youth category for its Green Champion Award and encouraged barangay-led and city government-led efforts for the LGU-initiatives Award. The past five years recognized individuals and organizations from the academe, private sector and CSOs.

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