Envi group pushes gov’t to use lead safe paints

August 26th, 2015 by

DAVAO CITY – Environmental group Interface Development Interventions, said the local government should have a policy requiring government agencies to get lead-safe paint.

Executive Director Ann Fuertes said in a statement that the policy “will send a strong message that the Davao LGU is taking the lead in reducing real and potential exposure to lead and mercury which can be found in paints, gasoline, lamps and batteries.”

“This will mean that government purchasing entities will be mandated to procure lead-safe paints for use in the construction of all citywide government facilities,” she added.


“Lead is very toxic, with no known level of exposure that is considered to be safe. It causes permanent brain and reproductive damage, learning disabilities and mental retardation and even cause behavioral problems such as aggression and violence,” Fuertes said.

She said local paint manufacturers have already begun transitioning to non-lead paint production.

On August 19, during the hearing of the City Council Committee on the Environment, committee chair and Councilor Leo Avila pledged to draft a resolution to enact Davao’s Lead and Mercury Safe Procurement and Disposal Ordinance. (davaotoday.com)